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Purpose Partner Career Solutions

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Option 1: One-Hour Consultation - Professional Coaching Path and Interview Advice

Are you seeking clarity and guidance in your professional journey? Our one-hour consultation is the perfect starting point. During this focused session, our experienced career coaches will work closely with you to:

  • Define a clear and personalized professional coaching path tailored to your unique aspirations.
  • Provide expert interview advice and strategies to help you excel in your job interviews. This consultation is designed to give you valuable insights and actionable steps to kickstart your career on the right path. It's a quick yet impactful investment in your future.



Option 2: One-Month Coaching - Comprehensive Career Support

Ready to take your career to the next level? Our one-month coaching program offers a holistic approach to your professional development. This package is perfect for those getting back into the workforce after an extended time out of work. With this package, you'll receive:

  • Personalized career coaching sessions, including weekly check-ins to track your progress and address challenges.
  • Expert interview preparation to boost your confidence and performance during job interviews.
  • Assistance with job applications, ensuring that your resumes and cover letters stand out.
  • Career coaching and advice on leading professional conversations and negotiations. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to excel in your career.



Option 3: Executive Package - Tailored Career Advancement

Are you an executive or aspiring to be one? Our executive package is tailored to high-level professionals seeking unparalleled support. With this package, you'll receive:

  • Weekly check-ins to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Personalized career advice, including the development of a defined career path.
  • Creation of a comprehensive career portfolio that showcases your achievements and capabilities.
  • Strategic job hunting, including our team applying for roles on your behalf.
  • Progress reports to track your journey and celebrate your successes. This elite package is designed for those who are serious about advancing their careers, securing leadership positions, and achieving their professional goals. Let us guide you toward an exceptional career trajectory.

No matter which option you choose, Purpose Partner Solutions is committed to helping you succeed in your career, providing tailored support to meet your specific needs and goals. Your success is our purpose!