Yesterday I faced my 6th chemotherapy treatment. After finding out I was cancer free I guess in my mind I made up that I didn't want or need to do chemotherapy anymore. Unfortunately, I do have to finish to shrink the mass in my chest! Yesterday was harder than I thought. The medicine changes your mood and the atmosphere is not the most pleasant to be around. I became sicker than I had been in my past treatments. It was a mental fight for sure.

It was in this moment that I realized I needed to endure! It is often that we are told to finish the race but it is not always mentioned what the race includes. This journey I have been on has not been easy and it requires endurance. As my aunt says "the work is not done."There are times I felt like giving up but that is truly the enemy wanting to take me out of here through these hard times. It seems like after the blessing you are faced with the fight. The fight comes to test you just to say "Will you still endure this or will you give up?" DON'T GIVE UP!

Endurance is necessary in the times that you feel like giving up even though you know there is a job to finish. Endurance is required when we think we have failed at something and God is really sending us in a new direction. If you believe and trust in the Lord you will endure especially knowing he has you!

Endurance means to keep going no matter what. When you don't feel like it, endure. When others have given up on you, endure. When you are faced with hard times, endure! When people try to verbally bring you down, say that you are this and that...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE SO...ENDURE!

I encourage you today to endure past this time, whatever you are facing!

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  • Brittany Jones

    Simply wanted to say how much of an influence you have made upon my life by just reading your blog. You are truly an inspiration for me to follow Christ and for me to have a stronger connection with him. I’m soo thankful to read your blog and can not wait for what the future holds for you! You’re such a beautiful girl, Continue to write your story and receive your blessings! Maybe even an book next ! Purchased a shirt cannot wait to wear it!

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